Almanor Fishing Report

Almanor Fishing Report
Water level continues to rise, we are currently sitting at 4478.8’ yesterday I saw water temps range between 34 ½ – 36 degrees with large sheets of ice floating throughout the lake. NOAA is predicting mild dry weather for at least the next seven days with daytime highs approaching 50 degrees. The Canyon Dam boat ramp remains open and is starting to see some traffic. Highway 70 through the Canyon is open and expected to remain so, 36 and 89 are both clear and in great shape for travel to Plumas County.
Fishing was good earlier in the week a bit tougher yesterday, with Browns out numbering rainbows. The fish are migrating throughout the lake here one day gone the next, it can be tough to find them this time of year, with limited food source and fewer fishermen, the fish we are catching are in great shape and hard fighting. I continue to pull plastics and crawlers at 1 mph; I will begin pulling hardware and traveling 2.5-3 mph to cover more ground in search of bait and fish. We are seeing less and less pond smelt, when you do find them the fish are gorging on the tender morsels and anxious to play.
There were a dozen people fishing Geritol yesterday taking advantage of the spectacular winter day, crawlers and power bait were the top offerings. Now is the time to fish the coves with fish cruising the shoreline in search of food. Access to Hamilton Branch is limited with few fishermen tackling the steep frozen bank.
AFA is in the middle of our annual membership drive, if you would like to support the “longest running most successful fish pen program in the state”; assist us in providing fishing opportunities for the youth of Plumas County, help with our annual Veterans Fishing Day and/or help the Lake Almanor Community in our efforts to retain Lake Almanor’s cold water and preserve our fishery please join our organization. You can join by visiting our website @ or by mail to AFA PO BOX 1938 Chester, CA 96020 your tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated and you can rest assured that every single penny donated will be used to enhance our fishery and the Lake Almanor Community.