Vicious Dogs Terrorizing Susanville The Community Calls on City Council to Take Action

A pack of vicious dogs has been terrorizing the streets of Susanville for years, and the community is calling on the city council to take action.

Three to four dogs from a 4th street home have been allowed to run loose in the surrounding neighborhoods and are known to chase and kill the deer in town along with beloved pets, including a pet of Mayor Pro Tem Hererra’s family member. The community is fed up and shared their emotional experiences with the council, some saying they have watched the pack attack their animals and fear it’s only a matter of time before the dogs attack a young child.

Yet, this isn’t the first time the council has heard about this issue either. The police department has made efforts, as Chief Cochran said; multiple citations have been issued to the owner, two in just the last two days, and still no change. Code enforcement has also red-tagged the home on 4th street, which only moved the problem to Cheney Creek outside city limits. The entire council agreed to tackle the issue head-on, Police chief Cochran saying he will make this his personal top priority. City Administrator Dan Newton foreshadowed that the case will likely involve the courts and multiple agencies before it can be resolved.

The community plans to take the vicious dog problem to the Lassen Fish and Game Commission this evening. That meeting will be held at the Supervisor’s chambers on Nevada street beginning at 7 pm.