Vandals Strike Little League Fields Over Memorial Weekend


The extended holiday weekend did not come and go without trouble; overnight Saturday, thieves caused havoc at the Pat Murphey Little League Fields in Susanville, just as the final games for playoffs come to an end for the season.

The conex box that housed maintenance equipment for the fields had its lock cut, and the field’s ATV, used to drag the fields for play, was stolen. In addition to the theft, the suspects overturned two freestanding bleachers for spectators at the farm an,d major fields and a porta-potty.

This is not the first time Little League property has been the victim of theft and destruction.

City council just months ago approved beefing up security with the installation of security cameras as the area is in a prime location for mischief from transients and troublemakers.

It is unknown at this time f the security cameras captured any footage of the thieves. More details as they develop.