Urgent Storm Warning Prompts Travel Cancellations, School Closures, Yet Local Ski Area Prepares for the Perfect Snowfall


Looking to escape the snowstorm? Your travel plans through the Sierras are no longer viable, as the National Weather Service warns of treacherous driving conditions until tomorrow, including a period of life-threatening blizzard conditions from Friday afternoon through Saturday morning.

Susanville CHP strongly urges you to consider staying home during the storm’s peak. Snow levels are decreasing today, and up to 12 inches of snow are expected to cover Susanville and its surrounding areas this afternoon into tomorrow.

Forecasters emphasize the need to prepare for the storm, suggesting that if you must travel, bring extra water, snacks, tire chains, and warm clothing or blankets if you become stranded.

In anticipation of the storm and blizzard warnings, Plumas Unified School District has decided to close all schools today and cancel all student activities. The district and the Office of Education request that you avoid campuses throughout the weekend to allow snow removal teams to efficiently clear walkways, parking lots, and playgrounds. The district says the missed school day will be rescheduled for May 24th.

Despite the challenges, there is some positive news about the storm: Coppervale Ski Area anticipates the right amount of snow needed to open the local ski hill starting this Sunday, March 3. Norm, the operator at Coppervale, explains that with the forecasted storm, volunteers will take some time to clear snow and prepare the lift for operation; hence, the opening will not occur before Sunday. Stay updated on opening hours by calling the snow phone at 530-251-8841 or following Coppervale Ski Area’s Facebook page.