Two-Year Long Project Coming to Lower Buck’s Lake Spillway


The Spillway at Lower Bucks Lake will undergo refurbishing for the next two years.

PG&E has announced that the spillway has reached it’s useful life and needs to be replaced. The utility says they will begin by removing half of the spillway this year and complete the remaining half next year.

This means that if you visit the lake, you will see increased construction vehicles and the commotion that comes along with the work. Yet all campgrounds, day-use areas, and private camps on lower Bucks Lake will remain open and accessible. Work is slated to begin at 7am to 5:30, 6 days a week, with an occasional Sunday workday. Work began yesterday and will last through November.

Lower Bucks Lake is immediately downstream of the much larger Bucks Lake, which will also remain open during the project and fully available for recreation and camping. The spillway project will not directly impact Bucks Lake’s water level.