Thunderstorms Knock Out Power to Over 800 Homes


A late evening thunderstorm knocked out power for over 900 homes for over 4 hours last evening.

The lights went out just after 5 pm in Janesville and in the Standish Litchfield areas. Lassen Municipal Utility Crews quickly responded, locating the problem area on the system 2 hours later caused by the extreme weather. Some homes were back on within the hour while others remained out until after 9 pm. This has been the second outage event caused by the severe weather. The first occurred when lightning struck a line earlier this week.

Homes in the Milford area on Plumas Sierra Rural Electric also lost power last night as a result of lightning.

Utilities say during extreme weather, power lines may become downed or low-lying, and you should never approach one if so, but report it to the utility immediately or call 9-1-1 if it is an emergency situation.


Photo by Felix Mittermeier on Unsplash