The Lassen Fire Safe Council Welcomes New Firewise Community


Big Valley has become the newest member. Dan Douglas spearheading the effort in Bieber.

The endeavor requires several steps, which include forming a local committee, conducting a wildfire risk assessment, and creating a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). Implement vegetation management, educate residents, and collaborate with authorities on building codes. Develop emergency preparedness plans, apply for Firewise recognition, and maintain an ongoing commitment to wildfire prevention.

According to USA Firewise councils, becoming a firewise community can have many benefits. Beyond increasing access to funding and assistance, which is critical given the competitive nature of grant applications, Firewise designation showcases a community’s active involvement in wildfire risk reduction through a nationally recognized program with standardized requirements. This not only aids in community organization but also fosters community connectedness, offers education about wildfire risks, and promotes proactive risk reduction.

Moreover, the potential for insurance discounts further incentivizes communities to adopt fire-safe practices, contributing to overall community safety and preparedness. Recent evidence suggests that residents of Firewise USA sites are less likely to see “non-renewal” letters from their insurer, a growing concern for California homeowners.


Photo of Certificate by Lassen Fire Safe Council