Susanville’s City Council will discuss two important items: ARPA funds and a new Public Safety Officer


The city has asked the community to participate in the discussion on ways to use the remaining balance of 2.5 million dollars of COVID relief funds. Following the pandemic, the city was allotted 3.5 million through the federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) set to help communities recover from the effects of the pandemic.

Through the city Click n’ Fix app or web portal, you can submit your i2026nput and thoughts on how to use the money best. The City has until December of next year to obligate the funds and until 2026 to spend.

Staff has also presented the council with the idea of combining the city’s Fire and police chief roles into one Public Safety office to oversee the administrative role of these positions. Operational duties will remain part of each department.

According to staff reports, implementing this change would result in a “Moderate cost increase” due to adding a new staff position.

The council is scheduled to discuss these matters on Wednesday, December 6th, in City Hall at 5 pm.