Susanville Looks for Community Input on Use of ARPA Funds

The city of Susanville is looking to hearing from you as the council begins discussing using ARPA funds. Initially set to be determined during the council meeting last evening, it was tabled for later as councilmember Schuster was not in attendance. City Administrator Dan Newton briefed the council for information only on the current expenditures of the nearly three and a half million dollars the city received for COVID relief. Over 800,000 was expended on the 21/22 budget as it was in deficit by about 550,000 dollars on the Click and Fix App and on COVID sick leave for staff. The council has also allocated partial funds to the Historic Uptown Susanville Association, the Susanville Community Garden, and essential workers’ pay totaling about 130,000 dollars, leaving a balance of 2.6 million.

The city is considering earmarking one million to beautify uptown, another million for professional development of city staff and marketing, a nearly 700 thousand would potentially go towards renovating city infrastructure, including water-damaged floors at city hall, roof improvements, and restoration of the damaged wall to the police department, and updates to the fire department.

Discussions will be held at the December 21st council meeting, and your and the communities input is welcome on how the remaining balance should be spent.