Stan Statham Honored with State Highway Memorial


A section of State Highway Route 44 near Oak Run in Shasta County has been named the Stan Statham Memorial Highway.

Stan Statham, born in Chico, California, had a multifaceted career: starting as a radio DJ, serving in military intelligence during the Cold War, transitioning to television as a news director and anchorman, and eventually entering politics. He served 18 years in the California State Assembly, where he was known for his bipartisan efforts and significant legislative achievements, including DUI penalty enhancements and the “Brown Bag Act” to aid senior nutrition programs.

Statham also spearheaded efforts to televise legislative sessions and advocated for the division of California into three states. Post-politics, he became President and CEO of the California Broadcasters Association and moderated gubernatorial debates. Statham passed away, leaving behind a legacy of public service and community contributions, and this state highway designation honors his memory.