Sinkhole Shuts Down Highway 70 Near Beckwourth


Recent storms have caused heavy damage to SR 70 near Beckwourth. A large sinkhole appeared late yesterday afternoon, nearly taking down a propane truck. The CHP and Caltrans have closed down the stretch of highway from the Beckwourth Calpine road (A23) to county road A24. Caltrans says the sinkhole is undermining the integrity of the highway, making it unsafe for traffic, emergency vehicles can pass if necessary. Local traffic is being allowed on Beckwourth-Calpine Road to access Highway 89.

To get around the closure 70 westbound & eastbound detours include hwy49, through Loyalton, Sierraville, and for 89 through Graeagle.

If you are traveling east to Reno, you are advised to take 89 through Graeagle to Sattley to Sierraville and then Highway 49 to Vinton and connect back to Highway 70.

The Quincy CHP office also asks that you do not attempt to use Marble Hot Springs Road. It is impassable due to heavy mud and snow.

The Sierra County sheriff’s office says since Highway 70 traffic is being routed through Loyalton, Sierraville and Sattley, those in the area should be prepared for increased traffic and extra speed enforcement. The sheriff’s office is anticipating that Highway 70 might be closed for up to two weeks.

Caltrans says there is no estimated time of when the roadway will be reopened.