Sierra County Board of Supervisors Approves Contract for Downieville Community Center Remodeling Project


In a decision during the Sierra County Board of Supervisors’ meeting on February 6th in a resolution was passed, awarding a near 800,000 dollar contract for the Downieville Community Center Remodeling Project. The award was given to McCuen Construction, Inc.

Public Works Director Bryan Davey, during the meeting, highlighted the extensive effort put into bringing this project to fruition, noting that the initial bidding process yielded no results, leading them to directly negotiate with contractors.

Davey informed the Board that a proposal from McCuen Construction was deemed viable but would necessitate a budget increase of just under 140,000 dollars to proceed with the renovation. He clarified that the contract with McCuen lacked a contingency provision in the price, meaning that any potential change orders would require strategic planning to avoid exceeding the budget constraints. Supervisor Sharon Dryden stressed the urgency of completing the project promptly, emphasizing the importance of avoiding unnecessary delays.

Supervisor Lee Adams reflected on the historical significance of the Downieville Community Center, stating that it became the County’s responsibility over 70 years ago. Adams expressed the view that completing the renovation is crucial for the western Sierra County community and ensures the facility remains functional for decades to come. In recognition of Davey’s months of hard work, Supervisor Adams motioned to approve the resolution, which received unanimous support from the Board.

The approval was met with enthusiastic applause and a resounding “AMEN” from the audience, underscoring the community’s support for the project.