Rising Temperatures and Dry Conditions Spark Wildfire Concerns Across Region


Wildfires are popping up throughout the region as fuels dry out amid near triple-digit heat.

In Modoc County, fire response teams have tackled three fires within a matter of days. One fire scorched over 500 acres, and two others were caused by lightning striking trees as thunderheads passed through the area earlier this week. The National Forest reports that fire danger ratings remain moderate, as some areas are still snow-covered.

Just over the state line, wildfires have threatened homes and communities in Cold Springs and the North Valleys near Red Rock Rd. Evacuations were issued overnight, but authorities say they have the blaze under control. However, a large brush fire behind Hug High School is currently threatening more homes.

In neighboring Tehama and Siskiyou counties, several quickly contained fires only heightened growing concern about a significant fire season.

These recent clusters of fires are a strong reminder to use caution outdoors. If recreating, keep fires within designated fire rings at campsites and ensure they are completely extinguished before leaving. If doing yard work, avoid mowing or weed-eating during the heat of the day when dry grasses can easily ignite.

The last two fire seasons have seen relatively low activity, a fortunate change from three years ago. Although this fire season has yet to fully take off, these incidents are a strong reminder to stay fire-safe.