Portola City Council Reviews American Rescue Plan Funds Allocation


The Portola City Council is set to convene this Wednesday, October 11, at 6:00 PM at 35 Third Avenue to deliberate on the allocation and potential future uses of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds.

The ARPA funds, a part of the State and Local Fiscal Recovery package, were signed into law in March 2021, providing Portola with a total of over $460,000 distributed in two installments. In April 2022, the City Council authorized the use of these funds to launch a Community Cleanup initiative, aligning with the guidelines outlined in the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund rules.
Since the program’s inception, City Manager Jon Kennedy said the Community Cleanup has made substantial progress, with 302 properties cleaned up and 89 abandoned vehicles removed, of which 49 were towed and 40 were voluntarily disposed of.

In November 2022, the City Council also approved an application to acquire tax-defaulted properties from Plumas County. The intent behind this move was to enhance public health and safety while stimulating housing development within the Portola area. Currently, this process is ongoing, and the final dollar amount remains uncertain. Initial estimates projected a cost of $25,000. To date, it is estimated that around $100,000 of ARPA funds remain available for allocation.

In light of these developments, the City Council has temporarily halted the Community Cleanup initiative, awaiting a decision on potential alternative uses of the remaining funds. One such proposal under consideration is the establishment of a dog park, provided that it complies with the applicable regulations.

The public is encouraged to attend to gain insights into the allocation of ARPA funds and participate in the discussion of potential future uses, all of which hold significant implications for the Portola community.

For more information on this meeting and its agenda, please visit the Portola City Council’s official website.