Plumas Sierra Telecommunications Reports Significant Progress in Expanding Broadband Access


Plumas Sierra Telecommunications (PST) has made significant strides in expanding broadband access in the past year.

General Manager Bob Marshall addressed key achievements in an August report that highlights the commencing of the Scott Road project after the utility received critical environmental clearance, extending services commencing to most of Loyalton, and progress on infrastructure builds in Sierra Valley and parts of Lassen County. Over 800 households were connected to broadband services during the year.

However, one project awaits approval from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), facing delays due to additional approval steps and coordination efforts with the state’s new fiber optic backbone system.

GM Marshall noted some areas continue to be without expanded service, but this is due to state prioritization, adding that PST is actively seeking additional grants to expand its network further and will submit applications for a second wave of locations in the coming months.

The company is exploring dual-purpose or hybrid projects to expand electric grid control and increase broadband coverage. Recent hybrid projects in the Galeppi Ranch subdivision near Quincy and the Ponderosa Lane area near Janesville exemplify this approach.

You can visit PST’s web page for the complete GM’s report.