PG&E Issues Warning of Potential Power Outages During Fire Season


PG&E is warning about 16 million people in Northern and Central California to prepare for power outages.

Peak fire season is underway right now and those fires are expected to cause blackouts.

The company says almost 80 percent of the state is experiencing drought conditions that are being described as historic.

PG&E is urging customers to be proactive and to put into place safety measures to reduce the risk of fires and power outages.

It’s reminding customers that state law requires homeowners to keep 100 feet of space around homes clear of flammable materials, such as vegetation, which could feed a fire.

And the company is also advising homeowners to regularly clean out their roofs and gutters and to trim tree branches that hang over their homes.

It says warm, high winds whipping through streets can cause branches and roof debris to make contact with power lines, and that could start a fire.