PG&E Begins Another Power Line Undergrounding Project Along Highway 70


This Monday, work began in an effort to underground power lines along the Highway between Storrie and Belden.

PG&E has a contractor completing the underground work that will include trenching and installing conduits for the underground lines for a nearly 14-mile stretch. Work will continue until winter weather sets in and halts operations. Progress will then resume as the ground thaws in the new year.

During the undergrounding efforts, you can expect One-way traffic controls that will bring you significant delays throughout the week. PGE says on weekdays, you can add an extra 15 minutes to your drive between 6 am and 6 pm; in the evening hours, from 6 pm to 6 am, you will need to plan for heftier delays of up to 45 minutes. On weekends, expect continuous delays for all 24 hours of the day.

The work is part of PG&E’s commitment to reduce wildfire risk through its Community Wildfire Safety Program.

PG&E adds these efforts are not only to help reduce wildfires caused by equipment but also to reduce the need for wildfire safety-related power outages.

Nearly 3 miles of lines have already been undergrounded along Highway 89 from Canyon Dam South, with additional work to move to the Highway 70 Corridor east of the Butte Plumas County line and along Highway 89 between Indian Falls and Moccasin.

When completed, about 60 miles of power lines will be undergrounded throughout the county.