Mixture of Weather on the Way for the Week

Prepare for a mix of weather this week. You can expect light snow showers through today, then tapering off, but for the next three days, the region can expect another half-foot of snow by Wednesday. Thursday will be your break from the storms until a warmer system is likely to move in, raising snow levels and ushering in the rain across northeastern California.

With more snow piling around your home, officials continue to stress the importance of clearing your propane tanks. The Sierra county sheriff’s office shared a few winter tips related to your tanks:

  • Use a broom instead of a shovel when clearing snow off the tank or around the exposed piping, regulator, gauges, or tubing.
  • When clearing the roof, avoid shoveling snow onto exposed piping around the propane regulator near the building or onto the propane tank and piping, as well as any meters or other piping that may be in use.
  • Check regulator vents on the propane system to be sure they are free of snow, ice, or water that could freeze. (A two-stage system has a regulator on the tank and at the entrance of the propane piping to the building; a single regulator is on the tank.) Contact your propane supplier immediately if a regulator vent is clogged with ice or snow.
  • Check all gas appliance exhaust and combustion air vents, such as dryer or furnace vents, to be sure they are clear of snow and ice.