Miraculous Escape: Driver Sought After Car Teeters on Cliff Edge


A person miraculously escaped a collision as their car teetered on the edge of a cliff. Yet, the Quincy CHP department is actively searching for the driver.

According to the CHP, on Saturday, June 1st, around 2:20 a.m., a 2005 blue Pontiac Vibe was driving along SR 89 near Indian Falls Rd when the driver lost control after failing to make a turn. This caused the car to spin across the roadway and roll over onto the shoulder, only to be stopped on its side by a line of trees. The reporting officer noted that the car’s “right rear tire was precariously balanced on a cement wall overhanging a very steep cliff leading down to Indian Creek.”

To the CHP’s surprise, the driver was able to climb out of the car and flee the scene, abandoning the vehicle with the engine still running. Plumas Search and Rescue was also on the scene, aiding in a search of the area around the vehicle and down the slope with personnel, but thermal imaging failed to locate anyone.

The Quincy office is asking for the community’s help in identifying the driver. If you have any information, don’t hesitate to contact the CHP office at 283-1100.

Photo curtosey Plumas SAR