Man Makes Bomb Threat in Quincy Trailer Park, CHP Diverted Hwy Traffic and PCSO Evacuated Homes

That was not the only threat made in Plumas; Wednesday afternoon, a man was also making threats while being evicted at the Evergreen Trailer Park in Quincy.

The incident caused highway 70 traffic diverted and homes to be evacuated because he shouted, “better get out of the blast radius.” The unidentified man, known to have mental instability, was in the process of moving when he made the verbal threats. Residents of the trailer park contacted the sheriff’s office, which arrived and monitored the situation. With concern that the moving truck could be rigged with a type of explosive device, Undersheriff Herman said they evacuated those living in the nearby homes.

There were also concerns, he says, that the man was attempting “suicide by cop.” Deputies remained on the scene until the man and his caretaker left the trailer park. Yet, due to the situation, Hermann said, “We back away and tried to maintain contact to see if we can get him to services,” “We don’t like to walk away when we have a problem.” Still, based on conversations with the caretaker, and his refusal to speak with sheriff’s personnel, there weren’t any options.”

After hours away from their homes, the Quincy CHP lifted the detour set up at Chandler Road West down to Barlow Road, and residents could return to their homes. The incident has been reported to the District Attorney’s office, and the sheriff’s office will keep tabs on the man for the community’s safety.