Loyalton Wolf Spotting

A lone wolf sighting in Loyalton has sparked curiosity and concern.

A photo posted to social media captured the wolf in a rancher’s field. Some commenting said the animal had been spotted throughout the area near Beckwourth for several weeks. Others feared the animal would face harm, as wolves returning to the state has been a highly controversial topic.

CDFW Wolf Biologist Kent Laudon confirmed to an inquiry from the Biologist for Plumas and Sierra Counties for The Sierra Booster Newsletter that an uncollared wolf has been detected near Loyalton. He added that the CDFW attempted to collect DNA to discover more about the wolf, but those efforts were unsuccessful. Wolves have been traveling throughout the state undetected for some time, and there remain two confirmed packs that have denned and produced pups, the Lassen Pack and the Whaleback pack in Siskiyou county. The Beckwourth pack, made up of three wolves confirmed in November of 2021 by the CDFW, has yet to be known to have denned.

The lone wolf’s origin remains unknown until biologists can gather more information.

To keep up to date on the latest grey wolf sighting and depredations, you can visit the grey wolf page on CDFW’s website.


Photo is not of the Loyalton Wolf but from the CDFW’s Grey Wolf Page