Loyalton Library Updates Hours to Increase Accessibility to Students and Seniors


During a board of supervisors’ meeting in Loyaton on September 29th, representatives requested the change from operating the library on Thursdays and Fridays to Wednesdays and Thursdays.

This adjustment was believed to provide the opportunity to increase traffic, boost circulation numbers, and open doors to partnerships with other agencies.

Nearby schools have an early release day on Wednesdays, allowing students to access the library an hour and a half earlier, where programming within the library could be created to target 4th through 12th graders. This would also offer an opportunity for students to be in an alternative, safe, and welcoming environment while waiting for pick-up and remaining on campus.

Moreover, Gail Verver, the Loyalton Library Station aide, has established a connection with the Senior Center in Loyalton to arrange monthly transportation services from the Senior Apartments to the library. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and engagement for seniors within the community.

The decision to open the library on Wednesdays aligns with the schedules of the Senior Center and the Loyalton Food Bank. Doing so offers senior residents more frequent opportunities to engage with their fellow community members.

One of the prominent challenges many seniors face is the limited daily human interaction they experience. Transitioning to Wednesday openings addresses this issue by affording seniors an additional day each week to connect with people and access valuable community resources.

The change was welcomed by the board and passed unanimously.