LMUD Press Release


July 14, 2021



Due to the wildfire currently burning in Butte County, PG&E has informed LMUD that the Caribou transmission line has sustained damage and is de-energized.

Prior to the wildfire incident, PG&E had informed LMUD that they would be conducting repairs on the Caribou line. Early, on the morning of July 13, LMUD switched to back-up power provided by Honey Lake Power where we will remain until power has been restored to the Caribou line.

This situation, coupled with the extreme heat, makes it necessary for our customers to conserve electricity whenever possible. The connection to HLP can be put under stress when there is excessive power demand – this could cause equipment failure resulting in power outages throughout our system.
In order to stabilize our local grid, it is imperative that all customers heed this warning and act accordingly.

Please follow these guidelines:

• Set thermostats to 78 degrees.
• Use passive cooling by opening windows at night and closing them during the day.
• Avoid using major household appliances between the hours of noon and 7pm.
• Use well pumps in the early morning or after 9pm.

By following these simple steps and working together, we can ensure that our community has power during this crucial time.

For more information, please contact LMUD’s Public Relations Manager, at 530-257-4174.

Theresa Phillips
LMUD Public Relations Manager.