LCSO to House Plumas Jail’s Female Inmates in Response to PCSO Critical Staffing Levels


In response to the critical staffing levels within the Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Lassen County’s jail has stepped in to assist in housing their female inmates.

LCSO Jail Commander John McGarva, to the board of supervisors before their approval, said he does not expect the influx of inmates to have much effect on staff and add that the change would also generate about $180,000 in revenue for the LCSO.

Plumas County’s Jail Commander, Steve Clark, has highlighted the severe understaffing issue, with the current correctional deputy numbers falling short by over half of what is required. Furthermore, this understaffing has led to non-compliance with the state-mandated female custody staff to female inmates ratio.

Commander Clark expressed his deep appreciation for the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) for their consistent support as good neighbors over the years. He acknowledged that these times have posed significant challenges for his department, with a revolving door of deputies coming and going despite hiring efforts.

Supervisor Albaugh stressed the importance of collaboration, stating, “We all need to work together, and it’s nice we have those relationships in place.” He recognized the broader struggles faced by all law enforcement agencies in maintaining appropriate staffing levels and emphasized that extending a helping hand during times of need is a courtesy that the county can and should afford.