Lassen National Forest Plans RX Burn in Lake Almanor


The Lassen National Forest plans to initiate a prescribed fire in the Almanor Basin, next week. Burns would begin from Monday, June 19th, through July 1st, depending on weather and forest conditions. A total of about 400 acres encompassing half a mile South-West of Highway 89, into the general areas of Lake Almanor West, Big Meadows, and Prattville.

Given the damp conditions experienced this spring, fire activity is anticipated to remain at a low to moderate level during the initial burn periods. However, creeping and smoldering are expected to persist within the burn boundaries for several days.
You are asked to stay out of the prescribed burn area during operations. Signs will be displayed near the burn areas, and firefighting resources will be stationed nearby to manage the situation.

Localized smoke impacts are anticipated on the day of burning, with smoke settling in low-lying areas overnight and early morning. To assess smoke conditions in your area during the burns, you can visit