Lassen National Forest Begins Dixie Debris Clearing Near Bogard


Efforts are underway to Clear Dixie Fire Debris in the Bogard area, and the Lassen National Forest is cautioning those in the area.

Continuing through the end of October, these activities are set to take place on the Bogard Suppression Repair project, a dedicated effort to eliminate debris left in the wake of the extensive firefighting efforts during the Dixie fire of 2021.

Motorists and travelers in the area will encounter signs strategically placed to inform them about where there are ongoing Project Operations.

There will be chipping equipment in operation, along with loading chip vans at the intersection of Forest Service roads 32N09 and 32N60. Further down the line, haul trucks will be operating about seven miles in from Highway 44 along Forest Service Road 32N10, commonly referred to as the 10 Road, headed towards Cone Lake.

While no road closures are expected during these operations, if using this route, you are strongly urged to exercise caution. Loaded chip vans will be transporting materials out on the 10 road and making turns onto Highway 44, which may require additional time to slow down. It is also advisable to be watchful for debris generated during the various project activities.

The Lassen National Forests emphasizes the cooperation and understanding of all those using these routes are greatly appreciated as these efforts are undertaken to restore the affected area.


Photo by Marina Reich on Unsplash