Lassen Lands & Trails Trust Highlights Funds for Miles of New Trails

Another 130 miles of trails will interconnect Lassen and Plumas counties by 2030. Over 7 million dollars in grant funds have been awarded to Lassen Lands and trails trust, bringing the new trail systems to the region. Under the efforts of two plans, the 2020 Lassen/Lake Almanor Basin Regional Trails System concept plan and the 2022 Lassen County Active Transportation Plan efforts are already in place. With the new funding, projects can move forward over the next two years to create designs and conduct environmental studies. This will pave the way for involved partners to apply for trail construction grants.

Last year’s funded projects include the renovations and expansion of the Historic Susanville railroad depot, a paved trail between Riverside Park to the Susan River path with a walking bridge, maintenance to 3 sections of the Modoc Line Rail Trail, and the opening of the last two sections, a mile and a half Chester trail connector at Lake ALamanor, the planning phase for a 12 mile Almanor Rail Trail between Chester and Clear Creek, and extension of the Almanor Recreation Trail, an extension to the Bizz Johnson into Westwood, planning for another 24 miles in the Fredonyer trail system connecting to the Bizz, and funding to the Olsen Barn restoration and trail preservation and enhancements at Mountain Meadoes Reservior Indian Ole Dam trailhead.

LLTT’s trail committee Chairperson, Elizabeth Norton, says, “continued investments in trails will always have a positive return in healthy communities, healthy economies, and healthy people.”
Through the Sierra Butte Trail Stewardship, the Connected Communities project will also connect towns throughout Plumas and Lassen, including Susanville and Chester, along with 13 other rural towns.

Learn more about it by visiting Lassen LAnds and trails trust website.


Photo of the soon-to-be Almanor Rail Trail