Lassen Board of Supervisors to Address Financial Reports, Retirement Proclamation, and Housing Element Update in Morning Session


The Lassen Board of Supervisors is set to convene today to discuss a diverse agenda.

The session starts with a focus on financial matters, as the board will receive an auditor’s report over Zoom. The report, spanning from 2018 to 2022, encompasses examining financial statements and audits.

Following, the board will proceed to honor long-serving individuals from the Sheriff’s Office with retirement proclamations. Regina Mineau and Dean Growdon will be recognized.

Shifting gears, the board will delve into the 7th Cycle Housing Element Update, specifically focusing on the Draft Housing Strategy. The board will receive a presentation and review the Draft Housing Strategy and collect feedback and suggestions from the community.
Additionally, the Supervisors will address the annual committee appointments for 2024, covering various Boards, Committees, and Commissions.

This includes appointments for:
Behavioral Health Advisory Board
Public Risk Innovation Solutions Management (PRISM)
Eagle Lake Interagency Board
Emergency Medical Care Committee
Honey Lake Valley Recreation Authority

The agenda encompasses a total of 15 appointments across various committees.

The Supervisor’s complete agenda can be found on the county’s official website.