Hundreds of Ballots Returned in Plumas- Registrar of Voters Urging Community to Update Addresses


Wondering where your ballot is? Registrar of Voters Marcy Demartile says 750 ballots have been returned to the clerk recorder’s office in Quincy.

13,500 total were mailed out February 5th, and the 750 marks nearly a fifth of registered voters have undeliverable ballots.

Demartile shares a reminder that election materials cannot be forwarded to a new address in the event you have moved, and you must re-register to vote if that is the case.

For snowbirds, the ballot can be put back in the mail to the address the clerk’s office has on file if it has been returned with a “temporarily gone” notice. But you must notify the office once again.

If you have moved and are within the same precinct and require the same ballot type, you can get your new information to the clerk-recorder office, and your ballot can be re-sent; however, if you have moved and are in a different precinct, you will need to re-register as you may be voting on different candidates and measures.

For those who do not fall into these categories, DeMartile details that her office will file returned ballots alphabetically, and if you call the office of your address change, your ballot can be re-mailed to you.

The last day to register online for the March 5th primary is Feb. 20. If you are registering or re-registering less than 15 days before March 5, you must complete same-day voter registration and request your ballot in person at your county elections office or polling location.