Greenville Water Line Replacement Project Underway- Fortifying Drinking Water System


A significant development for the Indian Valley Community Services District (IVCSD), the eagerly awaited Greenville Water Line Replacement Project, has kicked off this week. The CSD has partnered with Chester-based Dig It Construction for this project, which aims to fortify Greenville’s drinking water system.

The project, expected to span from the upcoming weeks through late July, will bring about traffic controls at various times on key streets and roads within town. During construction, you can anticipate temporary disruptions on North and South Main, Bush, Hot Springs, and throughout the flats.

The primary objective of the Greenville Water Line Replacement Project is to ensure long-term stability for the town’s drinking water system. This entails the replacement of a substantial portion of the main and lateral lines. General manager of Indian Valley CDS says the upgraded infrastructure is poised to empower field staff to transition to a proactive work model, reducing the need for constant reaction to leaks and other water-related issues.

Funded by grants totaling approximately $2.7 million, the project is a collaborative effort with support from the Upper Feather River Integrated Regional Water Management/Plumas County and the State of California’s Small Communities Drought Relief Program.