Nonprofit May Lose Facility Used to Feed Veterans and Seniors


Nonprofit Organization Fort Sage Resource Center, which feeds veterans and over 400 other community members in the Doyle and Herlong area, is asking the County Board of Supervisors to help lift restrictions off a property deed or face closure.

Once owned by the Honey Lake veterans VFW and Sierra Army Depot, the previous building sold its location to the nonprofit organization Fort Sage Resource Center for 1.00 since the two previous organizations no longer existed. The organization has been paying previous property taxes and facility bills to have a stable place that helps host meals for the community.

Due to language in the agreement, the deed sits under restrictions and cannot close escrow with the title company. The founder of Fort Sage turned to the Board of Supervisors to remove the restrictions and make the location a nonprofit building for future organizations and allow grant opportunities. Yet County Administrator Richard Egan said it’s out of the county’s hands as they do not own the property. The county can complete a quick claim deed proposal, recommending that the organization find an attorney to help in the dealings with the Secretary of State.

If the deed’s language is not changed and obtained in escrow, this program may not be able to offer it’s many services to the community in the future.