Final Determination in Mallery Trial Upcoming Following Conclusion of Evidentiary Hearings in Sacramento


Evidentiary hearings in Sacramento’s Superior Court have concluded in the case against Lassen County Superior Court Judge Tony Mallery for alleged ethical misconduct in court.
A week-long hearing began in July, followed by a second week-long session in late August.

According to the Director Chief Counsel Gregory Dresser, to follow will be a briefing, report, and then a recommendation from the Special Masters of the court expected to be received in the coming weeks.

The parties in the case are awaiting the finalized hearing transcripts, which include the testimony from Presiding Lassen Superior Court Judge Nareau, who, in the hearings, claimed he feared for his safety while Mallery held his office and carried a firearm with him after Court Executive Officer Theresa Stalter told him of an alleged statement from Mallery that he would “go postal” if an ongoing investigation resulted in his removal.

A brief will follow a thirty-day window once transcripts are completed, to which the recommendation from the Special Masters on Mallery’s standings must be delivered within the following two weeks.

Mallery could face removal from the bench and the loss of his ability to practice law if proven of the charges against him.