Feather River College Wins Aspen Higher Education Prize for Second Year in a Row


Feather River College (FRC) has achieved a remarkable milestone by earning the prestigious Aspen Higher Education Prize for the second consecutive year. Out of nearly 1000 colleges across the nation, FRC has secured its place among the top 150 community colleges, placing it in contention for the coveted Grand Prize awarded by the Aspen Institute, which includes a substantial $1 million cash prize.

President Kevin Trutna expressed his pride in FRC’s achievement and emphasized that the college had to meet rigorous criteria to earn this distinguished ranking. These criteria encompassed three key areas of institutional performance: (1) student retention, completion, and transfer rates, (2) demonstrated improvement in performance over time; and (3) a commitment to equity, defined as the achievement of positive outcomes for underrepresented minorities and low-income students. Importantly, each of these general categories carried equal weight, collectively accounting for one-third of the overall score.

In a show of gratitude, President Trutna extended his appreciation to the dedicated staff, faculty, administrators, and supportive local communities that have played a vital role in ensuring student success, improvement, and performance for underrepresented groups, thus helping FRC gain national recognition once more.

Looking ahead, FRC is gearing up for the next phase of the competition, which involves compiling a comprehensive set of questions designed to elicit qualitative responses. This effort, spanning the next month, is aimed at showcasing the college’s unwavering commitment to student success and its ongoing pursuit of excellence. Ultimately, FRC’s aspiration is to secure the $1 million prize and further enhance its educational impact.