Feather River College Upgrades


Feather River College is excited to announce they are one of the few colleges offering a STEM program to rural areas. A multi-year grant of 750,000 has allowed the school to improve rural Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Success. Also, implementing an associate degree for guarantee transfer to CSU in Social Work and Human Services. Along with the advancement of receiving other grants, the college can offer better training and support in their career and technical education, American Welding, Society, and Small Business Management Certificate. Feather River College will also be improving facilities on the campus for a new 126-bed student housing unit if the planning grant of 349000 is passed by the California Community College Chancellor’s office. The school received funding for its Basic Needs Program, Mental Health, and Wellness Center. The College will offer a finish line scholarship fund and The Learning Aligned Employment Program for students able to work and earn money on campus.