El Nino Predictions for NE California


El Nino is expected to persist through spring.

As the storm doors widen, letting winter weather settle in with sub-freezing temperatures and mountain snow, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration climate prediction center indicates that the weather pattern that typically brings wetter conditions and above-average temperatures to the southernmost states of the US will likely last through May of 2024.

This summer, the El Nino winter was forecasted with strong confidence, which has only increased, with predictions intensifying, its strength to likely turn it into the strongest el nino on record.

The weather event hasn’t been seen since 2019, following three consecutive La Nina winters that began in 2020.
Though for Northeast California, Chris Smallcomb with the Reno National Weather Service says, the region has equal chances with a slight lean towards a wetter year.

Scientists are set to take another look at the oncoming ElNino Winter today, with a November report expected to follow.


Photo: NOAA