Don’t Mind the Dust, Demolition Begins on the Memorial Park Bathrooms


Funding for the new bathrooms was achieved through the city’s efforts to obtain a grant through the state’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG CV ⅔) program.
The bathrooms located near the baseball field grandstands will get a complete overhaul.

Starting today, Kirack Construction will demolish the old facility by tearing down the existing metal siding, removing concrete sidewalks, installing underground utilities, and preparing the building pad to place a pre-cast bathroom. CXT will provide the new facility and will have 4 (four) individual stalls equipped with a toilet and sink in each, 1 (one) electrical panel/storage room, anti-graffiti paint coating, an exterior water bottle filling station and water fountain, with a new updated look.

The city says the project is expected to take about a month and warns parkgoers that while construction is in progress, portable bathrooms will be placed at the Park for public use.