Dixie Fire Update


Date: 09/08/2021 Time: 7:00 a.m.
Incident Start Date: 7/13/2021 Incident Start Time: 5:15 p.m.
Incident Type: Vegetation Cause: Under Investigation
Incident Location: Feather River Canyon near Cresta Powerhouse
CAL FIRE Unit: Butte, Lassen-Modoc, Tehama
Unified Command Agencies: CAL FIRE, United States Forest Service, National Park Service
Size: 922,192 acres Containment: 59% Expected Full Containment: TBD
First Responder Fatalities: 1* First Responder Injuries: 3
Civilian Fatalities: 0 Civilian Injuries: 0
Damaged: 92
Single Residences Destroyed: 688 Single Residences Damaged: 52
Multiple Residences Destroyed: 8 Multiple Residences Damaged: 4
Non-residential Commercial
Destroyed: 139
Non-residential Commercial
Damaged: 10
Other Minor Structures
Destroyed: 439
Other Minor Structures
Damaged: 26
Mixed Commercial/Residential
Destroyed: 8
Mixed Commercial/Residential
Damaged: 0
Current Situation
Incident Videos
Dixie Fire West Zone: Short range spotting was a issue in the Lassen
Volcanic National Park area. Crews will continue to complete line in the steep
and rugged terrain. Today, in the Lassen Sector, crews will continue to utilize
the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Fire Train for suppression efforts. Crews will
also complete contingency lines north and south of Janesville and Milford,
respectively. Priority areas include the Lassen and Shasta Sector, Old Station
and surrounding communities, the Highway 395 corridor escarpment, the
communities of Greenhorn, Cromberg, and Lake Davis. Bogs in the Lake
Almanor area will smolder as expected. Mop-up and patrol will continue in this
area. The California National Guard has joined firefighting efforts today.
The fire will continue to create spotting issues, especially in the northern
section of the fire. Spotting will remain short range in the brush fields and can
extend out in the timber, especially if a column begins to develop. The interior
islands will remain active becoming an issue when near control lines. The pine
needles continue to fall to the ground creating a new fuel layer.
West Zone Information Line: (530) 592-0838
East Zone Information Line: (530) 289-6735
Media Line: (530) 588-0845
Incident Website: www.fire.ca.gov
Email Sign-Up: tinyurl.com/dbdhsfd3
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Current Situation The weather will remain hot and dry with increased fire activity due to clear
skies. Temperatures will be 83-93 degrees with relative humidity at 10-15
percent. Southwest winds 6-12 mph with gusts up to 20 mph. Nocturnal
thunderstorms are predicted for Thursday and Friday. Visibility should be good
early in the morning on the western portion of the fire and clearing later in the
eastern portion.
Residents will see smoke coming from trees and stumps for days following
their return. Proceed with caution because burned out areas may have unseen
hazards. Residents are encouraged to call 911 if they are concerned about any
active flames near their homes or businesses. Damage assessment remains
ongoing. The change in the count of threatened structures in the update is due
to new Evacuation Warnings in Lassen, Plumas and Shasta County.
*A firefighter assigned to the Dixie incident passed away, due to an
illness on September 2.
Dixie Fire East Zone: Stable, hot, and hazy weather conditions will continue,
with only a slight chance of thunderstorms on Thursday night. Yesterday,
operations reported very little fire growth in the East Zone of the Dixie Fire.
Firefighters made excellent progress holding and improving containment lines
on Dixie Mountain, in Dixie Valley, and on Horton Ridge. Most of the fire
perimeter remained quiet, however interior pockets of unburned fuel continue
to threaten containment lines and produce smoke, especially during the heat of
the day.
In the last couple weeks, crews built over 25 miles of containment line on the
south side of the fire, keeping pace with the rapidly eastward spreading fire
from the north end of Grizzly Ridge to the north side of Davis Lake, around
Turner Ridge, and on to Dixie Mountain. Crews backed up lines with extensive
water systems, utilizing numerous potable storage tanks and miles of hose.
Yesterday, crews built contingency lines in Dotta Canyon and used
masticators to create an additional contingency line along the BeckwourthGenesee Road. Overnight, crews continued to provide structure protection,
patrolled, and closely monitored fire activity in the area.
Crews are also closely monitoring the fire burning in very steep terrain in the
Devil’s Punchbowl south of Taylorsville, bringing containment lines ever closer,
and using helicopters to keep the fire in place and cooled down. Crews used
infrared technology to locate and water to mop up all the heat within 100 feet
around homes in Genesee Valley, and crews continued to patrol and monitor
the area overnight. Hot shot crews are working with West Zone resources
today to construct direct handline up the slopes of the escarpment on the
northern flank of the fire near Highway 395.
Dixie Fire
For more information on the Dixie Fire, click the following links:
Dixie Fire Structure Status Map (CAL FIRE) https://tinyurl.com/2m9en9t4
CAL FIRE Website- https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents
USFS Information- https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7690/
Evacuation Information
***Refer to the County’s Evacuation Map for up-to-date information***
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All evacuation zones may not be listed on this fact sheet.
Plumas County
• Beckwourth Genesee Road east through Dixie Valley Rd to the Plumas
County line and north to the Plumas County line. This includes Dixie
Valley and Frenchman Lake. [PLU 34, PLU 37, PLU 43-A and 43-B] • Long Valley and north of Seneca areas [PLU Zone 004B] • Humbug Humboldt Cross Rd. at SR89, south along Humbug Humboldt
Rd. to the intersection with Humboldt Rd., west to the Round Valley
Creek and Deer Creek intersect, north along the Tehama County Line
to the intersection SR36, east along SR36 to the intersection of SR89,
south along SR89 to the intersection with Humbug Humboldt Cross Rd.
[PLU Zone 6B] • Taylorsville [PLU Zone 15A] • East side of Mt. Hough, east to Tower Rock and the south edge of
Genesee. Includes Emigrant Rd. Zone [PLU Zone 16A] • Heart “K” Ranch, Includes Taylor Diggins Mine, north to Engel Mine,
east to Lower Lone Rock, south to the border to Zone 28, west to the
Taylor Diggins Mine [PLU Zone 020] • Grizzly/Tower: Beckwourth Genesee Rd south of Antelope Lake Rd to
Grizzly Ridge and North of Argentine Lookout [PLU Zone 21] • ALL OF GENESEE VALLEY, southeast of Taylorsville up the Genesee
Rd to just south of Babcock Crossing, Walker
• Mine Road, north portion of Beckwourth Genesee Road. [PLU Zone 28] • Moonlight Valley, Engel Mine, Lone Rock Valley, and a portion of Fruit
Growers Blvd. [PLU Zone 29] • Antelope, includes the area surrounding Antelope Lake, North to the
Plumas/Lassen Line, East to the Plumas Lassen Line, including Fruit
Growers Blvd USFS Road 28N32, Indian Creek Road, Diamond
Mountain Way, and the area of Thompson Creek & Boulder Creek.
[PLU Zone 30] • The unpopulated area of Babcock Crossing, Elephants Playground,
and Murdock Crossing areas. This includes Beckwourth-Genesee at
Clover Creek Loop, North to area of Drum Bridge, North to area of
Babcock crossing. East to Big Flat Spring, South to 25N05, West to
Beckwourth Genesee Road [PLU Zone 31] • Ingalis: South of Beckwourth Genesee Road to the NW side of Lake
Davis along Grizzly Ridge to the west and including the Walker Mine
[PLU Zone 33] • North of Lake Davis from the intersection of Beckwourth-Taylorsville
Road and the Bagley pass Road, north to Zone 31 [PLU 35-A] • Lake Davis, north of Lake Davis Road to Gate Place, includes all sides
of Lake Davis [PLU 35-B] Page 4 of 8
Plumas County
Plumas County
Fire Information
• Harkness and Warner Valley, Kelly Mountain [PLU Zone 041] • Canyon Dam [PLU Zone 5C] • The north side of Hwy 70 from A24 east to Harrison Ranch Rd
[PLU 44-B] • Greenville area [PLU Zone 014] • Swain Mtn, Echo lake, Star Butte area [PLU Zone 39] • Sifford Mountain, North Stover Mountain [PLU Zone 40] • Peters Creek Area, North Arm [PLU Zone 18A/B] • East shore of Highway 147 [PLU Zone 010] • Northwest of Round Valley Lake to Long Valley Mine and north to Hwy
89 [PLU Zone 011] • Crescent Mills [PLU Zone 014A] • North of Mt. Hough, west of Taylorsville [PLU Zone 15] • Mt. Hough north of Quincy to south of Arlington Road, and Oakland
Campground area [PLU Zone 016B] • North side of Chandler Road from Quincy Jct. Rd east to Hwy 70 and
the north side of Hwy 70 from Chandler Rd east to just west of
Massack.[PLU Zone 17-C and 17-D] • Hwy 70 at Massack, east to the east side of Lee Summit and
everything north of those locations to the area of Argentine Rock and
the south boundary of Zone 21. This includes Greenhorn and the north
side of Spring Garden [PLU Zone 22-A] • Hwy 70 at the east side of Lee Summit, east to the area of Hwy 70 and
Mohawk Vista West entrance and everything north of those locations to
the area of Happy Valley and the south boundary of Zone 33. This
includes the north side of Sloat, Cromberg, Mt. Tomba, and the north
side of Hwy 70 near Blairsden [PLU 32-A] • North side of Delleker. Hwy 70 at Willow Creek Rd, east to Hwy 70 at
West Street (Portola) and everything north to Smith Peak.[PLU 35-C] • North side of Hwy 70 from Mohawk Vista Drive west entrance, east to
Hwy 70 at Willow Creek Road and everything north to Smith Peak and
Five Points. This includes the area of Mohawk Vista.[PLU 36-A] • North side of Delleker. Hwy 70 at Willow Creek Rd, east to Hwy 70 at
West Street (Portola) and everything north to Smith Peak.[PLU 36-C] • Beckwourth-Genesee Road at USFS road 23N53, north to Zone 7.
From Crocker Mtn east toward reconnaissance Peak. [PLU 42-A] • North side of Beckwourth. North side of Hwy 70 from County Rd A23,
east to County Rd A24 and north toward Table Rock [PLU 42-C] • North side of Portola. Hwy 70 at West Street east to Hwy 70 at A23
(Beckwourth-Calpine Road) and everything north to the southern edge
• of 35-B (south of Lake Davis) [PLU 42-D] Plumas County Website: https://www.plumascounty.us
Sheriff Website: https://plumascounty.us/587/Sheriff-Coroner
Sheriff Dixie Fire Information: https://plumascounty.us/2868/Dixie-FireInformation
Sheriff Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plumascountysheriff
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Plumas National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/plumas
Plumas County Recovery Information: https://tinyurl.com/c8c8s5rd
Lassen County
Lassen County
Lassen County
• Milford area west (mountain side) of Hwy 395 from Milford Grade south to
the intersection ofCounty Rd A26/Garnier Rd – Zones LAS – E009-A&B,
• Milford and Herlong area east (lake side) of Hwy 395 from the Flux Rd
intersection south toCounty Rd A26/Garnier Rd east to Long Valley Creek
– Zones LAS-E008-B, E002-C
• North of Hwy 44 from Forest Route 33NO2 east to County Rd A21 and
north to Crater LakeCampground – Zones LAS-E035-F
• South of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County Line east to County Rd A21 –
Zone LAS-E031A
• South of Hwy 36 south and east of Mtn Meadows Reservoir east to Old
Town Rd– ZonesLAS-E019, EO18
• Janesville and Milford east of the Plumas County Line from Janesville
Grade south to MilfordGrade along the mountain side (unpopulated area)
Zones LAS-E012-K, E010-B, C, F
Evacuation Warnings remain in place for:
• Milford area west (mountain side) of Hwy 395 from Raker Place south to
Milford Grade –Zone LAS-E010-A
• Milford area east (lake side) of Hwy 395 from the Thunder Mountain Rd
intersection south toFlux Rd intersection. – Zones LAS-E011-A, LAS-008-
• North Doyle area west of Hwy 395 from the County Rd A26 intersection
south to Bernice Lnand all roads accessed by Pickens Rd – Zones LAS
E001-C, D, E
• Herlong area north of County Rd A25 from Long Valley Creek east to
Pole Line Rd – ZoneLAS-E053-B
• Herlong Proper south of County Rd A25 from Long Valley Creek east to
Sierra Army Depotand south to County Rd A26, including all residences
accessed off of County Road A26 – Zone LAS-E002-B
• Janesville and Milford west of Hwy 395 from Janesville Grade south to
Raker Place ZonesLAS-E012-F,J LAS-E010-G&H, D, E
• McCoy Flat area south of Hwy 44 from County Rd A21 east to Hog Flat
Reservoir – ZoneLAS-E028
• Antelope Mountain and Campbell Mountain area east of County Rd A21
and west of CountyRd A1 – Zone LAS-E035-B and E035-I
• Bogard area north of Hwy 44 from Pittville Rd east to County Rd A21 and
north to BlacksMountain, Harvey Mountain and south of Ashurst Lake –
Zones LAS-E035-D,E,F,G
• West of County Rd A1 from the A21 intersection north to Forest Services
Route 32NO2 –Zone LAS-E035-C
Lassen County Damage Inspection Map: https://arcg.is/0GvCeX
Lassen County Web site: http://www.co.lassen.ca.us
Sheriff Website: https://tinyurl.com/sy9frpx6
Sheriff Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LassenSheriff
Lassen National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/lassen
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Shasta County
Shasta County
Hat Creek Rim east to the Shasta County Line and south of SR-44
The areas of Hat Creek and Old Station for both sides of SR-44 from Big
Pines Road north of Brians Way
Shasta County Website: https://www.co.shasta.ca.us/index.aspx
Sheriff Website: https://www.co.shasta.ca.us/index/sheriff
Shasta 2-1-1 Dixie Info: https://www.211disasterupdate.com/dixie-fire
Wildfire Info Map: https://tinyurl.com/fpsamrwr
Code Red Sign Up: https://tinyurl.com/26ufjhn3
Residents are encouraged to sign up for the Code Red Emergency Alert
System to receive important time-sensitive messages regarding critical local
Shelter Locations Plumas County/Lassen County
• Holy Family Catholic Church 108 Taylor Ave. Portola, CA (At
• Sparks Convention Center Hall #5, 4590 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV
American Red Cross Public Information Line: (855) 755-7711
(See below for evacuee campsite information)
Animal Shelters Plumas County
• Plumas County Fairgrounds 204 Fairground Road, Quincy (large
• 201 Mill Creek Rd. Quincy (small animals)
• Recreation Center 101 Meadowbrook Lane, Chester
If you need assistance with animals contact Plumas County Animal Services
at 283-3673 or 283-6300. Large animals/livestock can also be
Wildlife Rescue Wildlife Disaster network
• Response for injured wildlife: 1-800-942-6459
• Gold Country Wildlife Rescue: 1-530-885-0862
Road Closures
Road Closures
Public traveling in or near evacuated areas should follow egress route
directions identified in the evacuation notifications. Directions providedby
mobile devices and GPS units could lead drivers into hazardous areas.
Motorists are encouraged to call 1-800-427-7623 for highway information as
roadway conditions remain dynamic.
Shasta County
• Lassen Volcanic National Park (LVNP) is closed.
Lassen County
• Janesville Grade @ “Granite Lookout.”
Plumas County
• Indian Falls Road @ SR-89. No westbound Indian Falls Road traffic.
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• Greenville Wolf Creek Road just west of SR-89. No westbound
Greenville Wolf Creek Road traffic.
• Pecks Valley Road northbound @ North Valley Road eastbound.
• North Valley Road northbound @ North Arm Road.
• Dixie Valley Road @ SR-89. No northbound Dixie Valley Road traffic.
• Arlington Road eastbound at Viacava Ranch Road. No eastbound
Arlington Road traffic.
• Main Street both directions @ SR-89
• Beckwourth Genesee Road westbound @ Antelope Road
Department of
Fish and Wildlife
The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will close seven of its
properties that lie within or immediately adjacent to USDA Forest Service
boundaries during this same period to support emergency response routes,
firefighting efforts and protect public safety.
Link to all the closed areas:
National Forest
The Pacific Southwest Region is temporarily closing all R5 National Forests to
provide better public and firefighter safety due to extreme fire conditions
throughout the state and strained firefighting resources throughout the
country. This closure will be effective on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, at 11:59
p.m. through September 17, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. This Order does not affect
the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest, which is not in the Pacific Southwest
Region. (See Regional Order No. 21-07: Emergency Forest Closure link:
The Lassen National Forest’s Order No. 06-21-08: Expanded Dixie Fire
Closure Order prohibits the public from entering within the Dixie Fire Closure
Area or any National Forest System Roads or trails described in Exhibits A &
B. (https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd940211.pdf). This
Order is in effect until November 30, 2021.
The Plumas National Forest’s Order No. 05-11-00-21-21: Dixie Fire Phases 1,
2, 3, 4, 5 Expanded Closure Order prohibits the public from entering within the
Dixie Fire Closure Area or any National Forest System road or trail described
in Exhibit A and B.
(https://www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd940207.pdf). This
Order is in effect until September 30, 2021.
Bureau of Land
The Bizz Johnson National Recreation Trail near Susanville, as the Bureau of
Land Management has rescinded a temporary emergency closure associated
with the Dixie Fire. Also reopened are the Hobo Camp and Devil’s Corral
trailheads and all other BLM-managed lands that were affected by the
emergency closure that went into effect Aug. 16. This includes BLM-managed
lands south of California Highway 36, west of U. S. 395. and north and east of
the Lassen National Forest boundary.
Lassen Evacuee
The Lassen National Forest has the Christine Campground on Eagle Lake
Ranger District and the Bridge Campground on the Hat Creek Ranger District
available for evacuees. Evacuee’s primary residence must be under
mandatory evacuation and need to check in with the campsite’s hosts. Before
you go, make sure the campgrounds are not under any evacuation warnings.
Contact [email protected] or call 530-338-8745.
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Plumas Evacuee
Plumas National Forest – Campgrounds available to evacuees include
Meadow Camp, Rock Creek, and Deanes Valley Campgrounds in the
Meadow Valley area, in addition to Red Bridge Campground off La Porte
Road, and Lakes Basin Campground off of Gold Lake Highway.
Contact the Plumas National Forest Supervisors Office at (530) 283-2050 or
the Mt. Hough Ranger District at (530) 283-0555 or the Beckwourth Ranger
District (530) 836-2575 for more information.
Lassen Volcanic
National Park
All of Lassen National Park is closed to all access due to the Dixie Fire.
For current information regarding the Lassen Volcanic National Park:
Engines: 367 Water Tenders: 180 Helicopters: 25 Hand Crews: 76 Dozers: 147
Other: 1,468 Total Personnel: 4,752
Air Tankers: Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire
suppression missions as conditions allow.
Cooperating Agencies: Butte County Sheriff’s Office, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Lassen
County Sheriff’s Office, Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, CHP,
PG&E, CAL OES, CAL-EMSA, California National Guard, California Conservation Corps, CAL
TRANS, Sierra Pacific Industries, W.M. Beaty and Associates, Collins Pine, California Department
of Corrections, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad