Dixie Fire Update


INCIDENT UPDATE Date: 08/23/2021 Time: 7:00 a.m.

Incident Start Date: 7/13/2021 Incident Start Time: 5:15 p.m.
Incident Type: Vegetation Cause: Under Investigation
Incident Location: Feather River Canyon near Cresta Powerhouse
CAL FIRE Unit: Butte, Lassen-Modoc, Tehama
Unified Command Agencies: CAL FIRE, United States Forest Service, National Park Service
Size: 725,821 acres Containment: 40% Expected Full Containment: TBD
First Responder Fatalities: 0 First Responder Injuries: 3
Civilian Fatalities: 0 Civilian Injuries: 0
Damaged: 91
Single Residences Destroyed: 678 Single Residences Damaged: 52
Multiple Residences Destroyed: 8 Multiple Residences Damaged: 4
Non-residential Commercial
Destroyed: 137
Non-residential Commercial Damaged:
Other Minor Structures
Destroyed: 428
Other Minor Structures
Damaged: 25
Mixed Commercial/Residential
Destroyed: 8
Mixed Commercial/Residential
Damaged: 0
Current Situation Dixie Fire West Zone: Fire remained active until after midnight. Smoke settled
back over the fire in the early morning hours, reducing fire activity. Cooler weather
and increasing humidity slowed rates of spread, with isolated torching still
observed. Smoke settled back over the fire in the early morning hours. A much
quieter weather patterns is shaping up for most of this week. Crews continue
mopping-up hot spots, and are working to strengthen control lines. Damage
assessment is ongoing, and the number of damaged and destroyed structures
may change as teams are able to access the fire area safely. Northern California
has experienced large fire activity and will likely experience an extended fire
season. Fires burning in northern California are exhibiting extreme fire growth
based on critical fuel conditions. The prioritization of resources is always based on
life, property, and natural resources. Under these drought conditions, wildfires are
burning rapidly with extreme severity and have traveled up to 8 miles in a single
day. Fuel conditions are much worse than previous years and along with wind is
causing much greater fire spread. Firefighters are experiencing conditions never
seen before, such as increased spread rates, spotting and active nighttime
West Zone Information Line: (530) 255-4023
East Zone Information Line: (530) 289-6735
Media Line: (530) 588-0845
Incident Website: www.fire.ca.gov
Email Sign-Up: tinyurl.com/dixiefiresignup
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burning. We coordinate very closely with the US Forest Service and CalOES for
our local and out of state partners, to ensure resource availability.
Dixie Fire East Zone: The eastern edge of the fire line towards Janesville area
remains secure with crews on the ground continuing the mop up hot spots
around the structures in Milford. On the southern edge above Antelope Lake,
resources continue to work the fire’s edge to tie it into the Lake. On the
western edge, they completed the dozer work and are continuing to secure the
line, extinguishing heat along the way. In Genesee Valley, resources continue
to mop up around structures. Firefighters are engaging the fire that has made
its way down to the road as they continue to catch any spots or slops to secure
it at the road. There are two spot fires on the south end of Genesee Valley.
One is below the Grizzley Spot and will burn into it, the other has been
contained in the creek. Today crews will work to minimize any spread moving
towards homes. Firefighters continue putting in direct and indirect line to cut off
any additional eastern spread in the area. In Taylorsville/Peters Creek,
firefighters are going direct on the fires edge, mopping up and patrolling
around all the structures. A contingency line above Taylorsville is being
constructed. Yesterday, the Beckworth Hotshot crew was able to complete
handline down the eastern side of the Grizzley Spot. They will continue to work
the western edge this morning.
Dixie Fire
Evacuation Map
Assessment Map
Recovery Info
For more information on the Dixie Fire, click the following links:
CAL FIRE Website- https://www.fire.ca.gov/incidents
USFS Information- https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/7690/
**Refer to the Evacuation Map for up-to-date notices. All evacuation zones
may not be listed on this fact sheet.
Dixie Fire Structure Status Map (CAL FIRE)https://tinyurl.com/2m9en9t4
Plumas County Recovery Information: https://tinyurl.com/c8c8s5rd
Plumas County
• Sugar Loaf | Frenchman Road near Bloomer Lake Road, north to the
county line, and the Plumas side of Doyle Grade. (PLU Zone: 43A)
• East side of Mt. Hough, east to Tower Rock and the south edge of
Genesee. Includes Emigrant Rd. (PLU Zone 16A)
• Taylorsville (PLU Zone: 15A)
• Ingalis South of Beckwourth Genesee Rd to the NW side of Lake Davis
along Grizzly Ridge to the west and including the Walker Mine. (PLU Zone:
• Grizzly/Tower | Beckwourth Genesee Rd south of Antelope Lake Rd to
Grizzly Ridge and North of Argentine Lookout. (PLU Zone: 21)
• Silver Lake (west of Meadow Valley) (PLU Zone: 002A)
• Caribou Rd north to the Humbug Rd and Humboldt Rd intersection
This includes Belden Reservoir and Butt ValleyReservoir (PLU Zone: 003)
• PrattvilleButtReservoirRoadand everything west to theButte/Plumas
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Plumas County
Orders Cont.
County line. (PLU Zone: 4B)
• Humbug Road from the intersection of the Humbug-Humboldt Road west
to the Butte County line and everything south of the Humbug Road in under
a Mandatory EvacuationOrder. (PLU Zone: 006)
• The community of Seneca south to Hwy70 (PLU Zone: 004A)
• Round Valley Reservoir, Dixie Canyon, Indian Falls (PLU Zone: 011)
• Long Valley (west of Round Valley), Dixie Canyon south to Indian Falls,south
ofIndian Falls to the Hwy 70/89 Junction.
• Dixie Mountain, north to the Plumas Lassen County Line, to include,
Jordan Flats, Ferris Flat, Fitch Canyon and Cottonwood Mountain. (PLU
Zone: 034)
• Northwest of Round Valley Lake to Long Valley Mine and north to Hwy 89
• Hwy 70 at Black Hawk Rd, south to Barlow Rd and everything west to
SnakeLake (PLU Zone: 12B)
• Everything west of Hwy 89/36 Junction (PLU Zone: 007)
• West along the south side of Hwy 36 to the County Line
and south of Hwy 36 to rock lake and west to the
County Line.
• ALL OF GENESEE VALLEY, southeast of Taylorsville up the Genesee Rd
to just south of Babcock Crossing, Walker Mine Road, north portion of
Beckwouth Genesee Road. (PLU Zone: 027)
• The unpopulated area of Babcock Crossing, Elephants Playground, and
Murdock Crossing areas. This includes Beckwourth-Genesee at Clover
Creek Loop, North to area of Drum Bridge, North to area of Babcock
crossing. East to Big Flat Spring, South to25N05, West to Beckwourth
Genesee road. (PLU Zone: 031)
• South of Antelope Lake and northeast of Genesee Valley. (PLU Zone: 030)
• East of Hwy 147 at CO A-13, to little Dyer Mtn, southeast to DyerMtn. NEW
roadblock at Hwy 147 and Old Haun Road. (PLU Zone: 010)
• North and Eastern parts of Indian Valley, from upper Williams Valley and
upper Pecks Valley east to include all portions of NorthValley Rd, Diamond
Mtn Rd, and North Arm. (PLU Zone: 013)
• From the Hwy 89/Hwy 36 Junction, north along Stover Mtn. Rd to the
County Line and west from the Hwy 89/Hwy 36 Junction along the
south side of the highway to the CountyLine. (PLU Zone: 007)
• Chester, from the Hwy36/Hwy89 Junction, east to the causeway,
both sides of Hwy 36 through Chester to the Lake Almanor edge and
to north to the County Line. (PLU Zone: 008B)
• Heart “K” Ranch, Includes Taylor Diggins Mine, north to Engel Mine, east to
Lower Lone Rock, south to the border to Zone 28, west to the Taylor
Diggins Mine. (PLU Zone: 020)
• Lone Rock, Includes Moonlight Valley, Engel Mine, Lone Rock Valley, and
a portion of Growers Blvd. USFS Rd. 28N32 intersection of Plumas/Lassen
line, and east to Diamond Mountainarea, south to Lone Rock. (PLU Zone:
• Antelope, includes the area surrounding Antelope Lake, North to the
Plumas/Lassen Line as well as East to the Plumas Lassen Line,
including Fruit Growers Blvd USFS Road 28N32, IndianCreek Road,
Diamond Mountain Way the area of Thompson Creek & Boulder Creek.
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Warning Plumas
Orders Butte
Warning Butte
(PLU Zone: 030)
• Rush Creek (only residents of rush creek ROAD were permitted to return,
not the whole zone) (PLU Zone: 004A)
• Residents of Diamond Mtn are under Evacuation Warning and can go as
far as Lights Creek Lane. (PLU Zone: 018B)
• High Lakes (Plumas County) Recreational area of Plumas County east of
the Butte/Plumas Countyline (PLU Zone: 001)
• Butterfly Valley, Keddie to Hwy 70 at Black Hawk Rd, SnakeLake (PLU
Zone: 012A)
This includes Spanish Creek Campground,Round House Rd Old Highway
• East side of Keddie, Round House Road and Old Hwy (WEST) (PLU Zone:
• Hwy 70 at Black Hawk Rd, south to Barlow Rd and everything west to
SnakeLake (PLU Zone: 012B)
• Mt. Hough, from north of Quincy to south of Arlington Road (PLU Zone:
• Crescent Mills (PLU Zone: 014A)
• Plumas/Butte County line east to Twain
• Includes both sides of Hwy 70 in the areas of Rock Creek, Storrie. –
• Tobin,Belden, Caribou Rich Bar, and Twain. DOES NOT INCLUDE RUSH
CREEK RD I will have to check with Chandler bc these last two
descriptions look like (PLU Zone: 002A/001)
• Town of Chester Proper, West Shore, Prattville, West Almanor, Peninsula,
Hamilton Branch, area of Big Meadows, and East Shore. Residents along
Hwy 147 is a reduction from an Order to a Warning to Residents only. All
areas outside residents in the Forest are still under the existing Forest
Closure Orders. (PLU Zone: 008B/009)
Plumas County Website: https://www.plumascounty.us
Sheriff Website: https://plumascounty.us/587/Sheriff-Coroner
Sheriff Dixie Fire Information:
Sheriff Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/plumascountysheriff
Plumas National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/plumas
• Butte Meadows. This will include Humboldt Rd at Thatcher Ridge, up to
Cherry Hill Campgrounds, north to the Butte/Tehama County lines.
• Jonesville area. The Warning will encompass State Route 32 at the
Butte/Tehama County line, east to the area of Cherry Hill Campground,
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southeast to Snag Lake, southwest to Skyway at Bull Creek, north along
Skyway to Humboldt Road.
• Snag Lake area. This will include Humbug Summit Rd at the Butte/Plumas
County lines, southwest across Snag Lake to Humbug Summit Rd and
Skyway. This warning includes the area surrounding High Lakes Rd near
the Carr Mine.
• Lake Philbrook area. This area includes Philbrook Lake south to Browns
Ravine Rd just east of 25 N22, east to the Butte/Plumas County lines.
Orders Lassen
Warnings Lassen
Lassen County
• Janesville and Milford west of Hwy 395 from the Bass Hill area south to
County Rd A26/Garnier Rd including Janesville side of Wingfield,
Elysian Valley, & Bass Hill Rd.
• Janesville and Milford east of Hwy 395 from the Thunder Mtn. Rd
intersection south to the Flux Rd intersection
• North of Hwy 36 from the Lassen County Line east to Coppervale.
• The area south of Hwy 44 from the Lassen County line east to McCoy
Flat including Silver Lake, Juniper Lake, and the Caribou Wilderness
• Susan River Canyon/Cheney Creek area south of Hwy 36 from Willard
Hill east to Korver Rd and south to the intersection of Cheney Cr. Rd
and Gold Run Rd.
• South of Hwy 36 east of Mtn Meadows Reservoir east to Devil’s Corral
ORDER Zones LAS- E027-A, E028, E029-A, E019, E018, E026, E017-A,
E016-A, E012-ALL, E010-ALL, E009-A&b, E008-A&B, LAS-E001-A
• Clear Creek, Westwood, and Pine Town area south of Hwy 36 from the
Lassen County line east to the Willard Hill area
• Bizz Johnson Trail area south of Hwy 36 from Thumper Hill east to
Miller Crossing and south to Bauer Rd
• South of Hwy 36 from Devil’s Corral east to Britt Ln and Thumper Hill
and south to Cheney Creek Rd
• Janesville and Milford east of Hwy 395 from A3/Standish Buntingville
Rd south to the Thunder Mtn. Rd Intersection
• Milford east of Hwy 395 from the Flux Rd intersection south to County
Rd A25 Herlong Junction intersection
• Area south of Hwy 44, north of Hwy 36, west to Hog Flat Reservoir
WARNING Zones LAS-E008-B, E011-B, E013, E016-B-D-E, E030-A&B,
E023, E029-B, E027-B, E020
Lassen County Damage Inspection Map: https://arcg.is/0GvCeX
Lassen County Web site: http://www.co.lassen.ca.us
Sheriff Website: https://tinyurl.com/sy9frpx6
Sheriff Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LassenSheriff
Lassen National Forest: https://www.fs.usda.gov/lassen
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Orders Tehama
Warnings Tehama
Tehama County
Shelter Locations
• TEH C16- The area of Fire Mountain Lodge. Thiswill include subzones
221, 222, 223, 224,225, 226, 228.
• TEH B16 The area north of Mineral
• TEH D16
• The town of Mineral
• TEH B17 and C17- for the area of Childs Meadows/HighlandsResort.
This will include subzones 228 and 227 Area of Mill Creek, south of
Lassen Volcanic Park
• TEH 1 (D17)- for the Wilson Creek, Slate Creek, and
Area of Mill Creek, south of Lassen Volcanic Park
• TEH C18- for the area of Wilson Lake. • THE C19- for the area to the east of Wilson Lake, to the
Tehama/Plumas County line.
• TEH 1 (D18, D19, E18, E19)- for the St. Bernard’s Lodgeand ElamCarter Creek areas.
• TEH B15
• TEH C15
• TEH D15
• T Zone 1- Includes the area of Colby Creek. The order will begin at the
Butte and Tehama County line, west along the Tehama County Line to
the intersection with SR32, north along the SR32 corridor to the
intersection with SR36, from the intersection with SR32 and SR36, east
along SR36 to the intersection with Plumas and Tehama County Line.
Tehama County Website: https://www.co.tehama.ca.us/
Sheriff Website: https://tehamaso.org/
Tehama Alert: https://tehamaso.org/tehama-alert/
Tehama Evacuation Map: https://tinyurl.com/2adkfcm8
Plumas County/Lassen County
• Springs of Hope Church at 59 Bell Ln. in Quincy (max capacity inside)
• Lassen Community College 478-200 CA-139, Susanville, CA
• Holy Family Catholic Church 108 Taylor Ave. Portola, CA
Tehama County
• Los Molinos Veterans Hall 7980 Sherwood Blvd, Los Molinos, CA
NOTE: The Lassen High School shelter has closed
American Red Cross Public Information Line: (855) 755-7711
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Animal Shelters
Wildlife Rescue
Road Closures
Plumas County
• Plumas County Fairgrounds 204 Fairground Road, Quincy (large
• 201 Mill Creek Rd. Quincy (small animals)
• Recreation Center 101 Meadowbrook Lane, Chester
Tehama County
• Tehama County Complex 1830 Walnut Street, Red Bluff
(large and small animals)
Wildlife Disaster network
• Response for injured wildlife: 1-800-942-6459
• Gold Country Wildlife Rescue: 1-530-885-0862
Public traveling in or near evacuated areas should follow egress route directions
identified in the evacuation notifications. Directions providedby mobile devices
and GPS units could lead drivers into hazardous areas. Motorists are
encouraged to call 1-800-427-7623 for highway information as roadway
conditions remain dynamic.
Tehama County
• SR-36 westbound @ SR-32.
• SR-36 eastbound @ Little Giant Mill Road.
Shasta County
• Lassen Volcanic National Park (LVNP) is closed.
Lassen County
• SR-36 westbound @ SR-44. No westbound SR-36 traffic.
• SR-36 east of the town of Westwood @ the “Old Chimney” landmark. No
eastbound SR-36 traffic.
• Wingfield Road westbound @ Bass Hill Road.
• Janesville Grade westbound @ US-395.
• Main Street westbound @ US-395.
• Church Street westbound @ US-395.
• Sears Road westbound @ US-395.
• Milford Grade westbound @ US-395.
• Hicks Road westbound @ US-395.
Plumas County
• Indian Falls Road @ SR-89. No westbound Indian Falls Road traffic.
• Greenville Wolf Creek Road just west of SR-89. No westbound Greenville
Wolf Creek Road traffic.
• Pecks Valley Road northbound @ North Valley Road eastbound.
• North Valley Road northbound @ Diamond Mountain Road.
• Dixie Valley Road @ SR-89. No northbound Dixie Valley Road traffic.
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National Forest
National Forest
Lassen Volcanic
National Park
• Arlington Road eastbound at Viacava Ranch Road. No eastbound
Arlington Road traffic.
• Main Street both directions @ SR-89
• Beckwourth Genesee Road westbound @ Antelope Road.
The Lassen National Forest (LNF) implemented Forest Order 06-21-08 as of
August 12, 2021 (Dixie Fire Closure Order) to protect public health and safety
through November 30, 2021. For additional information, visit the LNF Website:
Lassen National Forest -Eagle Lake and Hat Creek Campsites available for
evacuees. Contact [email protected] or call530-338-8745. Evacuees need to check in with the campsite’s hosts. Before you go, make
sure the campgrounds are not under any evacuation warnings.
The Plumas National Forest (PNF) implemented Forest Order 05-11-00-21-15
as of July 16, 2021 (Dixie Fire Closure Order) to protect public health andsafety. For additional information, visit the PNF Website:
Forest Order 05-11-00-21-16 (Phases 1 and 2 Expanded Dixie Fire Emergency Area, Road, Trail, and Developed Recreation Site Closure
Order) https://tinyurl.com/74hf8rk3
All of Lassen National Park is closed to all access due to the Dixie Fire.
Engines: 492 Water Tenders: 182 Helicopters: 19 Hand Crews: 99 Dozers: 211
Other: Total Personnel: 6,001
Numerous firefighting air tankers from throughout the State are flying fire
suppression missions as conditions allow.
Cooperating Agencies: Butte County Sheriff’s Office, Plumas County Sheriff’s Office, Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, Tehama County Sheriff’s Office, Shasta County Sheriff’s Office, CHP, PG&E, CAL OES,
CAL-EMSA, California National Guard, California Conservation Corps, CAL TRANS, Sierra Pacific
Industries, W.M. Beaty and Associates, Collins Pine, California Department of Corrections, Burlington
Northern Santa Fe Railroad, Union Pacific Railroad
To learn more about wildfire preparedness visit: