Construction Begins on Planned Projects at Memorial Park


Expect construction work this Friday if you plan to take your kids to Memorial Park.

The city will finally have the pump track delivered this Friday. The track received final approval from the city council in April this year, where it was anticipated to be completed by the first week of June. The contract was awarded to the lowest bidder Concrete Company Crazy J’s at around 68,000 dollars, ending the final project with a total cost of 71,000—however, the company’s prior projects to be completed before the pump track stalled the pump track’s completion. The molds will be delivered this Friday to the park to be linked together like building bricks. The city also received a Community Block Grant of 148,000 to start the work on the restroom area, which has been finalized through an engineering company.

Be aware of the commotion over the coming weeks as the city completes these projects that will ultimately enhance Memorial Park.