City of Susanville Renews Water Shortage Plan- Holds Public Hearing


Over the summer, amid an extreme drought and extended heat wave, the City of Susanville fell into stage two of its water contingency plan. Homes were limited to watering on allotted days and within restricted hours. Across the state, every city and water supplier is required by law to carry such contingency plans should the state declare a water shortage event like that of this past summer. That bill was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in September of 2021. The goal: is to manage droughts better and prevent catastrophic impacts on drinking water.

If you have concerns over the city’s water shortage contingency plan, you will have the opportunity to comment on it as the city begins renewing its plan. Bob Godman, Public Works Director, says every few years, the city is required to renew its strategy and take into account new laws. Godman added that this year the renewal would not be implementing any changes to what is currently in place.

City Council will hold a public hearing on November 16th on the matter. Public comments will be accepted through November 18th. You can make yours by attending the public hearing or emailing them to the city of Susanville.

You can view Susanville’s current Urban Water Management Plan at