Christmas Tree Collection Begins Next Week-What you Need to Know


As we bid farewell to the Christmas season, C&S Waste is offering a convenient and environmentally friendly solution for disposing of your real, undecorated Christmas trees.

Starting next week, crews will begin its annual Christmas tree pickup service, helping the community ensure they are disposed of responsibly.
In an effort to promote sustainability and reduce post-holiday waste, C&S Waste is encouraging you to leave your real Christmas trees on the curbside for pickup on your regular waste collection day.

C&S Waste emphasizes the importance of removing all decorations, lights, and ornaments from the trees to ensure a smooth recycling process. Real Christmas trees are recyclable and can be transformed into compost or wood chips for landscaping use.

C&S Waste aims to make this post-holiday cleanup initiative as convenient as possible for the community while promoting a greener start to the new year.