Care Flight Goes Down Shortly After RNO Take-Off Killing Five


Over the weekend, 5 lives were lost when a care flight aircraft went down outside Stagecoach, NV.

A REMSA care flight crew, patient, and family member perished when a fixed-wing aircraft crashed outside of Stagecoach Nevada over the weekend. The plane went off the radar Friday night around 10 p.m., just after taking off from the Reno airport.

Early investigations say the plane broke apart mid-air, sending it into an unrecoverable spiral. The plane was discovered just over an hour later outside the rural town by the Lyon county fire and sheriff’s departments.

The patient’s family shared on social media that the two passengers, Mark Rand and his wife Terri, were on their way to Utah to receive life-saving medical care; the family of the pilot, Scott Walton, also reached out to social media to share their confidence in his flight skills and decision, also identified among the crew was, Ryan Watson, a flight paramedic, and REMSA Flight Nurse Ed Pricola.

Go FunMe accounts have been set up to financially assist each family in the tragedy. The National Transportation Safety Board will continue its investigations into the pilot’s actions and the aircraft’s maintenance records, with a preliminary report released in a few weeks and a final report that could take up to 18 months to complete.