Beettle Infested Trees are Turned into Energy for HLP


Lassen’s Fire Safe Council is working to convert trees that have been infested by beetles into a source of energy.

Homeowners within 150 feet of their property are permitted to cut down hazardous trees with the help of a fire protection extension from CalFire. Last week, 78 trees were cut down to combat the increasing mortality rate of trees in the area due to high infestations. The Ips Engraver Beetle has been targeting trees more frequently due to the dry and hot conditions resulting from the state’s drought, as well as the density of the forests.

In Janesville, over the last year, over 100 trees have been removed from homes due to infestation, with many more still affected. Once the trees are cut down, they are chipped on site and transported to Honey Lake Power for use as energy. If the weather allows, nearly 50 additional trees will be cut down in the upcoming weeks.

You can learn more about current and upcoming projects as The Fire Safe Council meets on the third Wednesday of every month at the Susan River Fire Protection Office at 5:30 PM, with their next meeting scheduled for March 15th.