Adopt-A-Pika Returns this Holiday Season


The Lassen Volcanic National Park says you can give the gift of Conservation this holiday season.

Through the park services Adopt-a-Pika program, you can help Support Critical American Pika Research at the Volcanic Park.
In a bid to promote awareness and support for A research, when you “Adopt a Pika” this holiday season, you have the unique opportunity to foster a connection with the guinea-pig-sized creatures and contribute directly to vital research efforts aimed at understanding and preserving their habitats.

When you donate to the program, you will receive a life-sized pika stuffed animal, a personalized adoption certificate, and an American pika fact sheet. The initiative sheds light on the importance of these small creatures unique to high-elevation rocky slopes.

Funds generated through the adoption program are crucial in supporting scientists at the Lassen Volcanic National Park in their efforts to survey the park’s terrain. The data collected helps researchers understand the specific locations and habits of pikas within the park and is compared with pika occupancy data from other national parks. This comparative analysis aids in informing broader conservation strategies and assesses climate change’s impacts on the pika.

To learn more about the Adopt a Pika initiative and contribute to the cause, visit Lassen Volcanic National Park’s official website.