A Reason Behind Winter Weather Woes? Banner Health Reveals the Hidden Culprit – Weather-Related Headaches


Although winter weather can be a headache to deal with, Banner Health’s Lassen Medical Center shares that rather than experiencing the annoyance of delays and canceled events, you could be suffering from weather-related headaches, a medically recognized affliction.
You may feel dull pain, throbbing, pounding, or migraine pain when the barometric pressure falls.

Tina Chavez, a family nurse practitioner with Banner Brain & Spine who specializes in neurology, explores the intriguing link between weather changes and headaches, shedding light on how barometric pressure fluctuations can trigger pain. Chavez says that high pressure during good weather contrasts with low pressure before storms, impacting sinuses and causing headaches.

Yet there are some simple ways to combat the headaches, like noting your symptoms during weather changes and adjusting your sleep, diet, and stress levels.

The medical experts say the bottom line is while Changes in the seasons can cause headaches and migraines, you can’t control the weather, yet there are steps you can take to reduce the impact it has on the way you feel.

Being prepared, taking care of your health, and treating your headache pain with medication can all help you stay a step ahead of weather-related headaches.