Plumas Supervisors Give More Time to View Budget

Plumas County supervisors extend public hearing for county budget as figures remain missing due to ongoing audit.

The board was presented the budget for the first time during the September 27th meeting, presented by the county’s acting auditor and treasurer. One of the challenges in assembling the budget was that the 2021 fiscal year has not been closed, as an audit is still being completed. The auditor let the board know the information was extracted to the best of their ability, saying as a result, some numbers were missing from the budget presented and others needed to be refined. A better picture of the budget will be available by midyear.

As the supervisors were seeing the budget for the first time and had no review from the public, Board Chairman Goss asked that a special meeting be held Friday, Sept. 30, to allow time for review. The public hearing on the budget begins at 10 a.m at the Supervisors Chambers in the Courthouse in Quincy.