Victory for California Youth Tackle Football Advocates


In a resounding triumph for the California Youth Tackle Football community, the collective voices of advocates have reverberated through Sacramento and beyond. The unwavering determination displayed by these advocates successfully thwarted the passage of AB 734, commonly known as the Youth Tackle Football Ban, sending a clear message to the California Legislature.

Expressing pride in this achievement, Ron L. White, President and Co-Founder of the California Youth Football Alliance, lauded the tireless efforts of the community in defending what they perceive as their unalienable rights as Americans. The defeat of AB 734 marks a pivotal moment for parental advocacy, and White remains committed to representing the voices that stood against potential infringements on youth tackle football.

Looking ahead, the California Youth Football Alliance is dedicated to the principles of HONOR, IMPROVEMENT, and ADVANCEMENT within the realm of youth tackle football. White extends an invitation to collaborate with the California Legislature on AB 1 – The California Youth Football Act, which is touted as the most comprehensive youth sports safety legislation in the nation.

As the alliance continues its mission, there is a commitment to remaining vigilant in the ongoing legislative process. Should the need arise, the community stands prepared to rise again to defend their beloved sport.

This victory not only secures the future of youth tackle football in the state but also exemplifies the power of a united community in influencing legislative decisions.


Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash