Susanville Fire Shares Holiday Fire Safety Tips


As the Christmas season is officially upon us, we spoke to Susanville Fire’s Captian Jarrett, who shares an important message about fire safety around the holidays:

In the past 5 years of my career as a member of the Susanville Fire Department, I have been involved
with the suppression efforts of 4 house fires caused by overloaded electrical circuits. Knowing that these
are not the only fires we have had in the service of this department caused by overloaded circuits.
Susanville Fire Department has teamed up with our local radio stations JDX and KSUE to bring you this
brief Public Safety Announcement for holiday fire safety tips.

Electrical safety
The question comes up “How many lights can I display for the holidays?” The answer is not as easy as
you think but there are some simple tips out there. For those of you who want an accurate number call
in a certified electrician. For those of you who don’t want to call an electrician the NFPA, NEC, as well as
a few more public safety groups have set up websites with information on this subject.
So, the simple answer is (the rule of thumb as they state on many of the websites) no more than 5
strings of lights on a single circuit. If this does not satisfy the desired effect, please check out some
websites or better yet call an electrician.

Holiday Safety
Please use flame resistive decoration
Keep candles away from holiday flammable decorations and other items that can burn.
Do not leave candles unattended
Replace any string lights that are worn or broken.
Keep decorations away from windows and doors for safe egress.
DO NOT use interior lights outside.
Use appropriately rated extension cords

Before hosting a party or entertaining, check all smoke detectors
Keep matches and lighters in a safe location and away from children
Remain in the kitchen when cooking
Keep children and pets out of the cooking area

Keep live or fresh-cut trees watered
Securely mount the tree in its stand and place the tree in a safe location.

Use lights that are approved for indoor use
Use non-flammable decorations on the tree.

When leaving home or going to bed
Make sure the candles are out
Make sure your pets cannot get to the decorations
Turn off or unplug decorations that use electricity


Thank you and have a Happy holiday season.
Susanville Fire Department

Celebrate with fire safety in mind and ensure a safe and merry holiday season.