USFS Creates Foundation Document for Preservation Management of Pacific Coast Trail


A collaborative effort for the preservation of the Pacific Coast Trail creates a Foundation Document to preserve and protect the historic trail system that intersects the entire state of California. The purpose of the document is to be a companion to the existing management plan of the trail to build a shared understanding between the multiple partners and stakeholders to drive future management discussions. It is not a decision-making document and does not include actions or administration strategies. The document does integrate legislation and history and pulls together existing plans to develop an assessment of the future planning and information that are needed to support the Trail’s nature and purposes. Special mandates and administrative commitments, assessments of planning and data needs identifying planning issues, products to be developed, and the studies and data are also identified. The documents significance is to align all management of the trail across jurisdictional, geographical, and cultural boundaries.

Read the foundation Document


Photo: Lassen National Forest Facebook