State Bans Sales of Single-Use Canisters


California says you can no longer use single-use propane canisters while camping within the next five years. Last month in a first-ever for the state, a bill passed that bans the sale of all single-use propane canisters, and those who violate it will see hefty fines upwards of 2000 a day for multiple violations. The bill came on the heels of Yosemite National park rangers’ complaints of camper’s frequent disposal of the tanks, often found littered around trash cans or disposed of inside, forcing the rangers to dumpster dive and retrieve the tanks as it is unknown if they could cause harm due to not being fully emptied of the gas. Rangers said last year; that the park had to crush and dispose of 24,000 cans in a specialized machine, they purchased solely for the task of disposal. Campers will have to replace the canisters with 1lb refillable propane bottles to exchange, hoping to be more environmentally responsible and reduce waste.